The Big Bang and me

In the beginning there was vibrant Emptiness,
unknown to Itself.

From Nothingness came a point of Light,
and from that Unfolding Light, came all that is.

This is the story of creation as we understand it. We call it the Big Bang.

We might think this is a nice story of our past and has nothing to do with us now, but actually, this process of everything coming out of nothing is happening constantly. We find this story in the science of quantum fluctuations: that at every moment out of the quantum vacuum, matter and anti-matter particles (yin and yang) are born and fall back into emptiness.

Even closer to home. When did I experience myself coming into existence? I am not asking about the story other people have told us about our birth, but when I first became aware of being. Where was I before that, did I come out of Nothing? Or at sleep when my conscious awareness leaves me… and then in the morning I float in existence out of nothing again!

And right now, is this Big happening in my experience? For example, where do our emotions and our thoughts come from? Where do they go to when they leave? They see to come and go in emptiness.

Looking deep into ourselves, what are we really? Am I these thoughts and emotions? What is seeing these? Could it be I am this emptiness, this formlessness in which all form appears? This emptiness seems to be aware and becoming aware of itself in us. We call it empty, because it has no form of itself, yet it is vibrant, alive, aware, and the ground of our being and all that exists. Might this empty awareness we experience as the ground of our being  actually be the same stuff as the emptiness from which the Big Bang came?

And so we can see that what the story of the Big Bang describes, is actually happening every moment in our own experience.

I am the Vibrant Emptiness, the Nothingness.  And at the same time I am also the unfolding light in form, ever finding greater expressions of itself. It gives me great joy to be so intimately connected with the mystery of the Universe.

I hope you did not find this too abstract. What I desire to express is the joy of becoming aware of the Mystery that we are. It is a great Mystery just to be here. We exist and are aware of it. What a miracle!