Cry for the Adepts: Is magick as a spiritual path a failure?

I´ve been following this debacle between Nick Farrel and David Griffin (look up their blogs for yourself if you are interested).
It is stuff like this that makes me doubt the validity of magick as a spiritual path.

Magick promises to make wise man (the root of the words Wizard and Magi). But I have yet to find an Adept who embodies this promise of Magick.

I find better role models of expressing Love in the Christian tradition, other Bhakti religions and even the New Age community. I find better expressions of Wisdom and knowledge of the True Self in Zen and Advaita Vedanta. What do our ‘Adepts’ express?

Don’t get me wrong. I love magick because it gives me an art form through which to express deep aspects of myself, and offers a wonderful toolbox of changing self and life (and hopefully in the process get to know my Self). But where is the role model that embodies the promise of becoming more than human?

We only have these models in the idea of the Secret Chiefs, or Ascended Master. But as long as we haven’t met those they just remain archetypes. Projections of our desire, reflections of our ideals. Show me one living example. Where do I find an Adept that expresses the Hights of Achievement in Magick?

I have to re-evaluate why I do magick. Even if it is a valid approach to spiritual growth (which I believe it can be, and should be), I do not see many practitioners who bear fruit. It seems a road full of traps and pitfalls, maybe more so than any other path.

Is magick as a spiritual path a failure? Adepts, please do prove me wrong.