The Aduration of Metatron

I want to share with you two rituals from the Greek Magical Papyri that I think are awesome. Both for daily work and for opening (and closing) any other ritual work. Together, they might well establish what Scott Stenwick at Augoeides calls the operant field: a cleansed personal sphere (Microcosmos), interfacing with the Macrocosmos, ready to do world changing Magick.

The first is the Adjuration of Metatron (I got it from the Book of Abrasax by M. Cecchetelli). The second is Calling of the Sevenths to Induce Equilibrium.

The Adjuration of Metatron

I will describe this ritual including the visualizations I use, ending with a short comment.


Beginning with visualizing a ball of great bright light above my head, representing the Presence of God, my connection with Cosmic Consciousness, the Light of Pure and Primordial Awareness, my Greater Self.

By the great name of the Father, and to his Glory!
And that of those who stand in his presence,

I call upon thee, O Angel of the Presence!

The light fills me, and permeates my aura.

By Thy Great Names, Given Thee By God:

By Metatron, Draw for me your sword and banish the profane!
I imagine Metatron where I stand, stretch my hand as a sword, sweep the circle clockwise to banish the circle.
By Dynamis, Bend for me your bow against the things that oppose me!
I changed the wording a little, the original says, “against he that opposes me!” I visualize bright light arrows shooting outward in all directions, while moving my right hand as if I picked an arrow from my quiver over my right shoulder and knocked it on the bow in my left.
By Chasdiel, Cleanse for me the whole of this place!
A blinding wave of light explodes from my heart center, wiping away everything from the room, cleaning the whole room and beyond. This while moving my hands from above to my my heart center, then sweeping them outward, sometimes stamping my right foot.

During the next part I visualize a bright white Angel in the direction mentioned: holding a sword in the left, blasting the quarter with light coming from the right hand. Then holding the sword with both, guarding the direction.

By Jael, Cleanse for me the Depths!
By Yahoel, Cleanse for me the East!
By Megameidan, Cleanse for me the North!
By Pa’Aziel, Cleanse for me the South!
By Na’ariel, Cleanse for me the West!
By Hadariel, Cleanse for me the Heights!

I end by basking in the light of the Presence all around me, enjoying the cleansed and empowered feeling this ritual has awoken within me and my sphere.

You see that this ritual is a powerful cleansing ritual, preparing the space, and offering protection. Since Metatron is the Angel of Presence, you have also just surrounded yourself with the Presence of God on all sides of yourself. You stand in the Presence of God, maybe even slightly realize the part of yourself that is the Presence of God: the Pure Presence, Awareness, Conscious Ground, that is the Source of All Things

A powerful state to be in to start your magick.

I do not always have the need to follow this ritual up with the calling of the sevenths, but when I do I can report it is very balancing and empowering. Let me know if you want me to write about that ritual.