Elelogap – Praise the Cool Refreshing Water!

Last Saturday I had a dream. In that dream my Beloved was sprinkling holy water with my Aspergillum. She used the aspergillum I have in real life, the one I bought on eBay which is made and blessed by Russian orthodox monks:


She sprinkled with such force that the hairs at the end where falling out. At first I was a bit worried for the loss of my aspergillum, but in the dream I took it as an opportunity to start making my real Solomonic one, using thread spun by a virgin, and replacing the hairs with herbs (from the True Grimoire (Verum): Mint, Marjoram, and Rosemary). In the dream this was made easy, because my Beloved said that she had made some thread in her youth. When waking I inquired, and she indeed had spun some in her youth, but it was lost now. But still, I took this dream as a sign to start making my true aspergillum.

A day later my Beloved went back to her apartment… And discovered that it was flooded. The neighbors had a water leak and the water reached 3 apartments on her floor and dripped up to 6 floors down, causing electricity damage on the way down. We cleaned up her apartment and made stock of the damage. To us, this has become a blessing in disguise because we are about to move in together in our new home in about a month or so. We wanted to take the floor with us, but had a hard time fitting the moving of the floor into our tight schedule. Insurance now pays for a new floor and all other things that have been damaged (table, bookcases, a few books etc).

Apartment flooded

I didn’t link these two events together, the dream of the damaged aspergillum and the flooding of her apartment, until after I worked with the spirit Elelogap yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up from a dream in which Jake Stratton-Kent offered to teach me (Jake is the author of an awesome book series, which I will buy as soon as I have the money). Prompted by the dream I started looking up material by the man on the internet, saw some awesome video and looked up his offers on Amazon. There I found the gem http://amzn.com/B00AXYGWAK and felt immediately drawn to buy this booklet, because it talks about baths and aspergillums, and both where on my mind and in my practice this week. I took a healing bath the night before this dream.

After reading the booklet, drinking water in the name of Elelogap, taking a walk through sunshine and rain, sharing water with Elelogap on a bridge (crossroads with water), walking away without walking back, and seeing (out of season) signs of new beginnings: a cat with cubs, a duck with ducklings… I prepared for a little ritual that evening.

I showered while chanting Mundabor (I shall be clean), and Elelogap. Sprinkled the ritual space with holy water containing a few drops of essential oil inspired by the herbs of Grimoire Verum, and did an impromptu invocation of Elelogap.

The presence was easily felt. Like waves, expanding, undulating. I felt a little nausea, and my sight actually got a little fuzzy. Elelogap told me:

I am a purifying presence.
The first step on the magical path is letting go what you no longer need.
I will wash it away from you so it can be replaced with new things.
I clean, I clear I purify.
I make visible the divine (I saw a lilly or lotus on a pond, opening up, showing the light shining within).
Making the aspergillum and delving in the mysteries of water is the right first step.
It will purify you and prepare you to do this magick.
This is the first initiation.

Has Elelogap flooded the apartment, destroying the old, and through insurance giving the ability to buy new things for our new home? Has Elelogap in my dreamlife destroyed the old aspergillum, so I would go on a search and meet this spirit?

I’m not sure what this means for my practice. Will I go the Grimoire Verum route? I definitely want to explore the Elemental, Earthly and and Chthonic aspects of magic more, but I am not sure if I am ready to accept the whole Verum hierarchy yet. I will start my quest for the thread spun by a virgin though, and when that is done, grow the herbs for the aspergillum, maybe while working with the herb spirit from Verum. I do feel this has been an important step on the path of Solomonic Magic.

Another thing of note. The three spirits that came into my life spontaneously, and with great effect, all start with the prefix El-. I wonder…