Calling the Sevenths to induce equilibrium

Depending on the circumstances I either do this rite while sitting in meditation, or moving about in the room including doing the traditional gestures that go with the rite.

  • Face East – stretching out both hands to the left chant A (Alpha, as in father) I image the portal of the Moon opening in the east, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of the Moon
  • Face North – putting forward only your right fist, chant E (Epsilon, as in egg) I image the portal of Mercury opening in the North, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Mercury
  • Face West – extending both hands in front of you, chant Ê (Eta, as in hey) I image the portal of Venus opening in the West, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Venus
  • Face South – holding both hands on your stomach, chant I (Iota, as in see) I image the portal of the Sun opening in the South, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of the Sun
  • Earth – face East – bending over, touching the ends of your toes, chant O (Omicron, as in hot, a short O sound) I image the portal of Mars opening up beneath me, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Mars
  • Air – face East – having your hands on your heart chant U (Upsilon, as in the French ‘du pain’. It is an epsilon, a short Y. Listen to it here) I image the portal of Jupiter opening up in the center, in my heart, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Jupiter, aiding me in ruling over my Kingdom, my Life
  • Sky- face East, looking into the sky, having both hands on your head, chant Ô (Omega, as in home, a long O sound, or as in law) I image the portal of Saturn opening up above me, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Saturn
  • Look straight ahead while facing East. Finis.

This rite most obvious effect is balancing the seven archetypal energies of the planet within the Aura. I imagine each sound as a sort of hammer strike on the bell of my aura that makes it ring in harmony with the planetary spheres. I stand in the center of all the planetary energies, each brought in harmony within my own sphere.

The first rite, the Adjuration of Metatron has cleansed my sphere and my room. The second rite, the calling of the Sevenths has attuned me to the powerful macrocosmic energies that fuel my magick. I am either ready to step into the next ritual, or ready to start my day well balanced and harmonized.

In my own practice, I finish with this prayer to Aion, the God that is behind the power of the Seven planets. The transcendent source of all things:

I call thee, who art greater than all, the creator of all, thou, the self-begotten who seest all but art not seen. For thou gavest Helios the glory and all the power, Selene the privilege to wax and wane and have fixed courses, yet Thou took nothing from the earlier-born darkness, but apportioned things so that they should be equal. For when Thou appeared, both order and light arose. All things are subject to Thee, Whose true form none of the Gods can see; Who can changest into all things. Thou art invisible, Aion of Aion. Come to me Lord, faultless and unflawed, who pollute no place, for I have been initiated into Thy Name.


Invocation of Hermes

Invocation of Hermes

Invocation of Hermes

I will have to keep silent here while the mysteries of Hermes, Thoth, Prometheus, Lucifer, Mercury, Torchbearer, Enlightened mind, birth of consciousness, ancestry, the chthonic, the primal, the psychopomp and the intermediary, unfold in my life.

I invoke thee, O God, the living one, who dost show forth thy splendour in the fire, thou unseen Father of the Light!
Pour forth thy strength; awake thy daimon, and come down into this fire; inspire it with thy holy spirit; show me thy might, and let the house of the almighty God, which is within this light, be opened for me! Let there be light,—

thy breadth-depth-length-height-ray; and let the Lord, the God within, shine forth!

Mercury #1 – Hermes the Channeler

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, first hour of Mercury, chanting the spells to Invoke Hermes from Graeco-Egyptian Magick…

Hermes manifested in my mind in his classic form of a young athletic boy, winged hat, sandals and the caduceus. He sat down close to me, long before I finished the ritual (this ritual from Graceo-Egyptian Magick was pretty long, but he did not mind me finish it). In this form he represents agility of mind and body, and the ability to go everywhere.

I asked him, What do your roles as a Healer, Divine Messenger, and Magician have in common?

I am the Archetypal Channeler. I connect things and let the information and energy flow. As a healer I channel healing energy. As the messenger I channels the wisdom of the Gods, as the Magician I channel the Creative Forces of the Universe.

Realize also that language is a form of channeling.

Selene (as Yesod/Moon) is also a sort of gateway through which other energies can reach us. What is the difference between you and Selene?

Selene is passive like a mirror, she reflects unmoved. I am the active channeler, I give form and actively shape the things that I channel.

And what about your role as a psychopomp?

I am everywhere, also in the deepest darkness, where I bring small lanterns of the Gods, creating a thread for lost souls to follow home. I can come and be everywhere, without being touched by it.

He took me into an underworld vista, a cave containing some monsters. I reacted a little frightened and Hermes told me that he could teach me his skill of traveling everywhere without being touched by it.

Hermes influence is deeply felt in my life. I am learning business skills to setup my own business, I learn marketing, am drawn to TV series with main characters with mercurial characteristics. A lot of info about Hermes is popping up everywhere, and of course I am looking for more information about him. He fascinates me and I feel a kinship.

I also participated in making a 2nd face of Cancer talisman ruled by Mercury, set up by Christopher Warnock.

Riches, mirth, gladness, and  love!

Riches, mirth, gladness, and


I sense that Mercury/Hermes is playing an important part in these planetary initiations. As a connector, opener of the ways, and a teacher of magick…  I am exploring the idea of Hermes as an intermediary spirit, anyway, I look forward delving deeper into these mysteries!

The Moon #3 – Wrap up

I have already started working with Mercury, but before I write about that let’s wrap up the lessons I have learned with the Moon so far.

The first is lesson is that of Trance (thanks Gabriel). Trance is like the mirror of the Moon, the portal of Yesod. It is the gateway through which you can access the other spheres. In a deep trance you also loosen the hold of your identity, expand, become open. Let your mind become silent, and still as a the water in the cup of Gabriel, reflecting the light of the higher worlds…

The other lesson is to relax. Magic is a marathon, not a sprint. Take time to integrate each and every experience. And remember, this is not about reaching a goal, it is about the joy of walking the path. Everything takes it’s own time and ebbs and flows in natural rhythms. Relax into that.

As far as experiences in my life go. I have had an incredible increase in synchronicity and my dreams became a more prominent part of my life.

I also had to face a lot of doubts and fears about this path. Is this my path? Is this what I should be spending my time on? Am I good enough?

And then again, I have fallen so deeply in love with life through this art that it is incredible. I love developing a relationship with the Greater Self through the faces of the Gods. 

To conclude this series I have made a talisman, an oil that contains myrrh incense, 100% silver shavings, and a moonstone.

Talisman of the Moon

I’ve made this at an astrological appropriate time using Christopher Warnocks Planetary Magic Program, and have let it mature unto the full moon. I missed my opportunity do do another ritual at the following full moon. Selene asked me to work with her again and use a black mirror. Something I will most surely do in the future.

I have also decided to focus purely on the PGM Initiation rituals and let go of Drawing Spirits into Crystals for now. At this moment in time, I am preparing to move into our new house with my beloved, am now moving between three houses, setting up my own business and looking for a part-time job. There is not much time left for prolonged fasting or even setting up a dedicated temple space that I feel that DSIC deserves. 

Planetary Initiations using Graceo-Egyptian Magick is flexible and I can practice it at every location. All I need is the book(s) and some essential oils. PGM also gives me a lovely daily practice of which I will talk more in another post.



The Moon #2 – Selene


Selene - Goddes of the Moon

Selene – Goddes of the Moon

Hear, Goddes queen, diffusing silver light, Bull-horned and wandering through the gloom of Night. With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide Night’s torch extending, through the heavens your ride: Female and Male with borrowed rays you shine. And now full-orbed, now tending to decline. Mother of ages, fruit-producing Moon, Whose amber orb makes Night’s reflected noon: Lover of horses, splendid, queen of Night, All-seeing power bedecked with starry light. Love of vigilance, the foe of strife, In peace rejoicing, and a prudent life: Fair lamp of Night, its ornament and friend, Who gives to Nature’s works their destined end. Queen of the stars, all-wise Artemis hail! Decked with a graceful robe and shining veil; Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright, Come moony-lamp with chaste and splendid light, Shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays, And pleased accept your suppliant’s mystic praise.

In starting I have to say that this devotional approach to magick (a form of Bhakti Yoga) is really working for me. By looking at life, and things as living beings, by talking to plants, crystals, animals, stars and planets, by animating all of existence, I feel more connected and am able to express my Love for Life in a more personal way. When I developing these personal relationships with all things, they start to talk back and the love I sent is returned.  This way I can explore each and every aspect of my self and my Greater Self, and work with them, so that all things may work together for the honor and glory of the One.

I’m entering into a love affair with the Universe, and honor the oath: To know all things, to love all things.

To conclude: by treating things as being alive, they come alive. And there we have in a nutshell the Great Secret of Animating the Statues of the Gods and Saints, and maybe even the secret of Creating Gods. This great creative power as is first seen in the child who talks to the beloved stuffed animal, and plays with imaginary friends. Then these imaginary friends start to influence your reality (@youtube), they become your guides, they become your Gods. Or maybe the vessels you have created in your imagination become empowered by and channels for macro-cosmic powers. What do I know? I am just at the beginning of my path.

Back to Selene. The ritual was taken from Graeco-Egyptian Magick, which uses spells from the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) to Invoke an Initiate the current of the Gods of the Planets. In preparation of the ritual I searched for some pictures of Selene and my eye was taken by the picture you see here in this post. I read her the Orphic Hymn of the Moon while anointing my head with Myrrh resin essential oil and chanted AKTIOPHIS, a magical word associated with her.

On the day of the full moon I skipped a meal, transformed my living room into a temple, cleansed myself, and meditated on her image. It began to flicker and move before my eyes, and I felt a deep sexual current rising within. I won’t lie to you, I love sexual energy, especially the tantric kind that flows and rises within and up. I love what sexuality symbolizes, my urge to merge with the beauty that is the world. My consciousness, pure consciousness, Shiva, that wants to merge and meet Shakti: energy, form, sensuality, and all things. Let this Fool marry the World I say! Well, more about that when we meet again in Venus probably 😉

During these preparatory hours before the ritual I felt my reality shift a little, a bit of a psychedelic experience where synchronicity and intuition guide what is happening. For example, just before the ritual I wanted to find a more traditional image of Selene to use as my focus during the ritual. Exactly at that time my internet stopped working. I kept using the picture above.

During the ritual she kept moving and I heard her thoughts in my mind. Her arms turned towards me, inviting me to step into the Mystery with her. And that where exactly the words I heard in my mind. “Embrace the Mystery, I am the doorway into the Mystery”. She also said she would test me and bring fears to the surface that are blocking me from fully stepping into this mystery. She kept true to her word, but that is something for another post.

The Moon #1 – Gabriel



Last month I have focused on the Moon her Energy and her Spirits. I have worked with Gabriel on a Monday during the hour of the moon while the Moon was waxing, and have done a ritual with Selene on the day of the full Moon during a planetary hour of the moon. The exploration with the Moon continues. In this post I will tell you about my experiences with Gabriel.


Gabriel - Archangel of the Moon

Gabriel – Archangel of the Moon

(To conjure Angles I use the ritual that can be found here, and you can get a good little eBook about it here. My setup isn’t as elaborate, but is inspired by Frater Ashens Book).

At this point in my development I experience the spirits while scrying, or image streaming, which is spontaneous and unguided visualization, with either open or closed eyes. Other things I experience are emotional and energetic responses, and a conversation within my own thoughts. Although this is already a great result, especially the energetic and emotional responses, it is not the end point. What I aim for is a clear two way communication.

On to Gabriel. I have conjured Gabriel a few times before the full Moon, which is best done after sunset (the deep dark helps create a mystical mood, and improves scrying).

What I noticed most is that Gabriel puts me in a deep trance state, invites me to drop down into an oceanic awareness, letting go, relaxing, melting. This is something I want to explore more during my Moon attunement period. The trance state is a portal into the mystical realm, just as in Hermetic Philosophy the Moon is the portal into the realms of the seven heavens. The moon is the final funnel through which the higher energies reach us. Psychologically we can look at this as our subconsciousness that filters all our deeper spiritual experiences. By opening up and relaxing, I can become a clearer channel, receive the light of the higher heavens and inspiration, and channel these into manifestation.

Another message I received was to trust. Yes, my first contact is experienced within the realm of the imagination, but this is the place where all magick begins. If you imagine something long enough it becomes an experienced reality. So trust and relax into trance and allow the world of the imaginative to become real.

In the next post I will describe my experiences with Selene and the effects I have noticed in my life following these rituals.

A New Journey Begins- Planetary Initiations

Planets on the Tree of Life

To me, a big part of Magick is about consciously giving life meaning, and about actively participating in the story of life.

So here we go. I have taken an oath to go through the Planetary Initiations. I will progress through the Planetary Spheres in the Chaldean Order, or the order as given in the Qabalistic Tree of Life, starting with the Moon, and going up to Saturn.

Two things drive me: the desire to work and learn from Spirits and the desire for a structure, or a story of initiation. I was greatly inspired by the book Enochian Initiation written by Frater W.I.T. Although I have gotten some good preliminary results with my Enochian Explorations, I want to develop my skills with spirit communication and get to know a less ambivalent system (and spirits) of magick first.

About Spirits. We can question all day long if Spirits are part of our sub-consciousness, or in the case of Angels our super-consciousness, or if  they are independent beings. Whatever the case, the tech can work and bring great change in your life. I do the work as if they: Gods, Spirits, Daimons, are real, but if you ask me what I believe, I have no answer for you. Same goes for everything in life. Is this an illusion? Do we exist, do others exist? We can ponder these questions for ever, and wonderful insights can come from this kind of contemplation. But for now, I choose to just do the work*, and for now adopt the framework of beliefs in which these spirits are real. That is a reality changing act right there.

*(Oh, and actually, in magickal matters, I dislike the word ‘Work’ as in ‘the Great Work’. Let’s call it ‘the Great Joyful Act of Self-Discovery and the Conscious Playful Participation in the Artful Act of Creation‘… or something like that)

I will go through this process mainly by using two type of rituals from two magical currents:

1) I will use the ritual from  ‘Drawing Spirits into Crystals‘ to call down the Angels of the Planets and ask them for guidance and

initiation. Check out the Modern Angelic Grimoire by Frater RO. I also have the book  ‘Gateways through Stone and Circle’, by Frater Ashen. While Frater RO gets you started with a minimum of requirements, Frater Ashen goes all the way, and gets as close to the original grimoires as possible. I walk the middle path: taking Frater Ashens approach as the perfected ideal, but I will start the work with what I’ve got and improve over time. The striving for perfection has the tendency to stop me from doing actual work, so my current strategy is to get started without being lazy, and get better while doing.

One of my first serious attempts at Drawing Spirits into Crystals

2) The other part of my current work is inspired by the Greek Magical Papyri. Source materials are The Book of Abrasax (check out my review here) and Graceo-Egyptian Magick. I will kick off any planetary initiation round with a ritual from Graceo-Egyptian Magick. This means working with the traditional Greek Gods of the Planets, and the awesome mysterious barbarous words of the Magical Papyri: AOTH ABRAOTH BASYM ISAK SABAOTH IAO!

See you in the next post about my experiences with the Moon.