Opening Rite of the Heptagram

If you want to expand on the Calling of the Seventh rite, here is an awesome one!

Reflections from the Black Stone

This rite from the Papryi Graecae Magicae (PGM) is part of a greater initiatory ritual under the header “Instruction[s] for the recitation of the Heptagram” (PGM XIII. 760 -930).[1]  It has become my preferred practice for defining and opening sacred space prior to any magical work. [2] [3]

Unlike the various opening rituals of the Western Magical traditions that focus on the four cardinal directions and one defined motion for either invoking or banishing (clockwise or counterclockwise), here our focus is to honor and activate seven directions through both clockwise & counter-clockwise motions. As with all opening rites, our primary purpose is to establish ourself – the magus –  at the axis-mundi of the magical universe.[4]

Through the intonation of the seven vowel sounds of the Greek letters A,E,H,I,O,Y,Ω (α,ε,η,ι,ο,υ,ω; transcribed in the Betz edition as A,E,Ê,I,O,Y,Ô), we  activate the seven spatial-spiritual directions of North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Center.  The frequent use of these seven vowel-sounds in the surviving spells and rituals of hermetic…

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