Opening Rite of the Heptagram

If you want to expand on the Calling of the Seventh rite, here is an awesome one!

Reflections from the Black Stone

This rite from the Papryi Graecae Magicae (PGM) is part of a greater initiatory ritual under the header “Instruction[s] for the recitation of the Heptagram” (PGM XIII. 760 -930).[1]  It has become my preferred practice for defining and opening sacred space prior to any magical work. [2] [3]

Unlike the various opening rituals of the Western Magical traditions that focus on the four cardinal directions and one defined motion for either invoking or banishing (clockwise or counterclockwise), here our focus is to honor and activate seven directions through both clockwise & counter-clockwise motions. As with all opening rites, our primary purpose is to establish ourself – the magus –  at the axis-mundi of the magical universe.[4]

Through the intonation of the seven vowel sounds of the Greek letters A,E,H,I,O,Y,Ω (α,ε,η,ι,ο,υ,ω; transcribed in the Betz edition as A,E,Ê,I,O,Y,Ô), we  activate the seven spatial-spiritual directions of North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Center.  The frequent use of these seven vowel-sounds in the surviving spells and rituals of hermetic…

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Calling the Sevenths to induce equilibrium

Depending on the circumstances I either do this rite while sitting in meditation, or moving about in the room including doing the traditional gestures that go with the rite.

  • Face East – stretching out both hands to the left chant A (Alpha, as in father) I image the portal of the Moon opening in the east, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of the Moon
  • Face North – putting forward only your right fist, chant E (Epsilon, as in egg) I image the portal of Mercury opening in the North, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Mercury
  • Face West – extending both hands in front of you, chant Ê (Eta, as in hey) I image the portal of Venus opening in the West, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Venus
  • Face South – holding both hands on your stomach, chant I (Iota, as in see) I image the portal of the Sun opening in the South, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of the Sun
  • Earth – face East – bending over, touching the ends of your toes, chant O (Omicron, as in hot, a short O sound) I image the portal of Mars opening up beneath me, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Mars
  • Air – face East – having your hands on your heart chant U (Upsilon, as in the French ‘du pain’. It is an epsilon, a short Y. Listen to it here) I image the portal of Jupiter opening up in the center, in my heart, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Jupiter, aiding me in ruling over my Kingdom, my Life
  • Sky- face East, looking into the sky, having both hands on your head, chant Ô (Omega, as in home, a long O sound, or as in law) I image the portal of Saturn opening up above me, attuning me to and balancing me with the power of Saturn
  • Look straight ahead while facing East. Finis.

This rite most obvious effect is balancing the seven archetypal energies of the planet within the Aura. I imagine each sound as a sort of hammer strike on the bell of my aura that makes it ring in harmony with the planetary spheres. I stand in the center of all the planetary energies, each brought in harmony within my own sphere.

The first rite, the Adjuration of Metatron has cleansed my sphere and my room. The second rite, the calling of the Sevenths has attuned me to the powerful macrocosmic energies that fuel my magick. I am either ready to step into the next ritual, or ready to start my day well balanced and harmonized.

In my own practice, I finish with this prayer to Aion, the God that is behind the power of the Seven planets. The transcendent source of all things:

I call thee, who art greater than all, the creator of all, thou, the self-begotten who seest all but art not seen. For thou gavest Helios the glory and all the power, Selene the privilege to wax and wane and have fixed courses, yet Thou took nothing from the earlier-born darkness, but apportioned things so that they should be equal. For when Thou appeared, both order and light arose. All things are subject to Thee, Whose true form none of the Gods can see; Who can changest into all things. Thou art invisible, Aion of Aion. Come to me Lord, faultless and unflawed, who pollute no place, for I have been initiated into Thy Name.

Invocation of Hermes

Invocation of Hermes

Invocation of Hermes

I will have to keep silent here while the mysteries of Hermes, Thoth, Prometheus, Lucifer, Mercury, Torchbearer, Enlightened mind, birth of consciousness, ancestry, the chthonic, the primal, the psychopomp and the intermediary, unfold in my life.

I invoke thee, O God, the living one, who dost show forth thy splendour in the fire, thou unseen Father of the Light!
Pour forth thy strength; awake thy daimon, and come down into this fire; inspire it with thy holy spirit; show me thy might, and let the house of the almighty God, which is within this light, be opened for me! Let there be light,—

thy breadth-depth-length-height-ray; and let the Lord, the God within, shine forth!

Elelogap – Praise the Cool Refreshing Water!

Last Saturday I had a dream. In that dream my Beloved was sprinkling holy water with my Aspergillum. She used the aspergillum I have in real life, the one I bought on eBay which is made and blessed by Russian orthodox monks:


She sprinkled with such force that the hairs at the end where falling out. At first I was a bit worried for the loss of my aspergillum, but in the dream I took it as an opportunity to start making my real Solomonic one, using thread spun by a virgin, and replacing the hairs with herbs (from the True Grimoire (Verum): Mint, Marjoram, and Rosemary). In the dream this was made easy, because my Beloved said that she had made some thread in her youth. When waking I inquired, and she indeed had spun some in her youth, but it was lost now. But still, I took this dream as a sign to start making my true aspergillum.

A day later my Beloved went back to her apartment… And discovered that it was flooded. The neighbors had a water leak and the water reached 3 apartments on her floor and dripped up to 6 floors down, causing electricity damage on the way down. We cleaned up her apartment and made stock of the damage. To us, this has become a blessing in disguise because we are about to move in together in our new home in about a month or so. We wanted to take the floor with us, but had a hard time fitting the moving of the floor into our tight schedule. Insurance now pays for a new floor and all other things that have been damaged (table, bookcases, a few books etc).

Apartment flooded

I didn’t link these two events together, the dream of the damaged aspergillum and the flooding of her apartment, until after I worked with the spirit Elelogap yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up from a dream in which Jake Stratton-Kent offered to teach me (Jake is the author of an awesome book series, which I will buy as soon as I have the money). Prompted by the dream I started looking up material by the man on the internet, saw some awesome video and looked up his offers on Amazon. There I found the gem and felt immediately drawn to buy this booklet, because it talks about baths and aspergillums, and both where on my mind and in my practice this week. I took a healing bath the night before this dream.

After reading the booklet, drinking water in the name of Elelogap, taking a walk through sunshine and rain, sharing water with Elelogap on a bridge (crossroads with water), walking away without walking back, and seeing (out of season) signs of new beginnings: a cat with cubs, a duck with ducklings… I prepared for a little ritual that evening.

I showered while chanting Mundabor (I shall be clean), and Elelogap. Sprinkled the ritual space with holy water containing a few drops of essential oil inspired by the herbs of Grimoire Verum, and did an impromptu invocation of Elelogap.

The presence was easily felt. Like waves, expanding, undulating. I felt a little nausea, and my sight actually got a little fuzzy. Elelogap told me:

I am a purifying presence.
The first step on the magical path is letting go what you no longer need.
I will wash it away from you so it can be replaced with new things.
I clean, I clear I purify.
I make visible the divine (I saw a lilly or lotus on a pond, opening up, showing the light shining within).
Making the aspergillum and delving in the mysteries of water is the right first step.
It will purify you and prepare you to do this magick.
This is the first initiation.

Has Elelogap flooded the apartment, destroying the old, and through insurance giving the ability to buy new things for our new home? Has Elelogap in my dreamlife destroyed the old aspergillum, so I would go on a search and meet this spirit?

I’m not sure what this means for my practice. Will I go the Grimoire Verum route? I definitely want to explore the Elemental, Earthly and and Chthonic aspects of magic more, but I am not sure if I am ready to accept the whole Verum hierarchy yet. I will start my quest for the thread spun by a virgin though, and when that is done, grow the herbs for the aspergillum, maybe while working with the herb spirit from Verum. I do feel this has been an important step on the path of Solomonic Magic.

Another thing of note. The three spirits that came into my life spontaneously, and with great effect, all start with the prefix El-. I wonder…

The Aduration of Metatron

I want to share with you two rituals from the Greek Magical Papyri that I think are awesome. Both for daily work and for opening (and closing) any other ritual work. Together, they might well establish what Scott Stenwick at Augoeides calls the operant field: a cleansed personal sphere (Microcosmos), interfacing with the Macrocosmos, ready to do world changing Magick.

The first is the Adjuration of Metatron (I got it from the Book of Abrasax by M. Cecchetelli). The second is Calling of the Sevenths to Induce Equilibrium.

The Adjuration of Metatron

I will describe this ritual including the visualizations I use, ending with a short comment.


Beginning with visualizing a ball of great bright light above my head, representing the Presence of God, my connection with Cosmic Consciousness, the Light of Pure and Primordial Awareness, my Greater Self.

By the great name of the Father, and to his Glory!
And that of those who stand in his presence,

I call upon thee, O Angel of the Presence!

The light fills me, and permeates my aura.

By Thy Great Names, Given Thee By God:

By Metatron, Draw for me your sword and banish the profane!
I imagine Metatron where I stand, stretch my hand as a sword, sweep the circle clockwise to banish the circle.
By Dynamis, Bend for me your bow against the things that oppose me!
I changed the wording a little, the original says, “against he that opposes me!” I visualize bright light arrows shooting outward in all directions, while moving my right hand as if I picked an arrow from my quiver over my right shoulder and knocked it on the bow in my left.
By Chasdiel, Cleanse for me the whole of this place!
A blinding wave of light explodes from my heart center, wiping away everything from the room, cleaning the whole room and beyond. This while moving my hands from above to my my heart center, then sweeping them outward, sometimes stamping my right foot.

During the next part I visualize a bright white Angel in the direction mentioned: holding a sword in the left, blasting the quarter with light coming from the right hand. Then holding the sword with both, guarding the direction.

By Jael, Cleanse for me the Depths!
By Yahoel, Cleanse for me the East!
By Megameidan, Cleanse for me the North!
By Pa’Aziel, Cleanse for me the South!
By Na’ariel, Cleanse for me the West!
By Hadariel, Cleanse for me the Heights!

I end by basking in the light of the Presence all around me, enjoying the cleansed and empowered feeling this ritual has awoken within me and my sphere.

You see that this ritual is a powerful cleansing ritual, preparing the space, and offering protection. Since Metatron is the Angel of Presence, you have also just surrounded yourself with the Presence of God on all sides of yourself. You stand in the Presence of God, maybe even slightly realize the part of yourself that is the Presence of God: the Pure Presence, Awareness, Conscious Ground, that is the Source of All Things

A powerful state to be in to start your magick.

I do not always have the need to follow this ritual up with the calling of the sevenths, but when I do I can report it is very balancing and empowering. Let me know if you want me to write about that ritual.

Mercury #1 – Hermes the Channeler

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, first hour of Mercury, chanting the spells to Invoke Hermes from Graeco-Egyptian Magick…

Hermes manifested in my mind in his classic form of a young athletic boy, winged hat, sandals and the caduceus. He sat down close to me, long before I finished the ritual (this ritual from Graceo-Egyptian Magick was pretty long, but he did not mind me finish it). In this form he represents agility of mind and body, and the ability to go everywhere.

I asked him, What do your roles as a Healer, Divine Messenger, and Magician have in common?

I am the Archetypal Channeler. I connect things and let the information and energy flow. As a healer I channel healing energy. As the messenger I channels the wisdom of the Gods, as the Magician I channel the Creative Forces of the Universe.

Realize also that language is a form of channeling.

Selene (as Yesod/Moon) is also a sort of gateway through which other energies can reach us. What is the difference between you and Selene?

Selene is passive like a mirror, she reflects unmoved. I am the active channeler, I give form and actively shape the things that I channel.

And what about your role as a psychopomp?

I am everywhere, also in the deepest darkness, where I bring small lanterns of the Gods, creating a thread for lost souls to follow home. I can come and be everywhere, without being touched by it.

He took me into an underworld vista, a cave containing some monsters. I reacted a little frightened and Hermes told me that he could teach me his skill of traveling everywhere without being touched by it.

Hermes influence is deeply felt in my life. I am learning business skills to setup my own business, I learn marketing, am drawn to TV series with main characters with mercurial characteristics. A lot of info about Hermes is popping up everywhere, and of course I am looking for more information about him. He fascinates me and I feel a kinship.

I also participated in making a 2nd face of Cancer talisman ruled by Mercury, set up by Christopher Warnock.

Riches, mirth, gladness, and  love!

Riches, mirth, gladness, and


I sense that Mercury/Hermes is playing an important part in these planetary initiations. As a connector, opener of the ways, and a teacher of magick…  I am exploring the idea of Hermes as an intermediary spirit, anyway, I look forward delving deeper into these mysteries!

The Moon #3 – Wrap up

I have already started working with Mercury, but before I write about that let’s wrap up the lessons I have learned with the Moon so far.

The first is lesson is that of Trance (thanks Gabriel). Trance is like the mirror of the Moon, the portal of Yesod. It is the gateway through which you can access the other spheres. In a deep trance you also loosen the hold of your identity, expand, become open. Let your mind become silent, and still as a the water in the cup of Gabriel, reflecting the light of the higher worlds…

The other lesson is to relax. Magic is a marathon, not a sprint. Take time to integrate each and every experience. And remember, this is not about reaching a goal, it is about the joy of walking the path. Everything takes it’s own time and ebbs and flows in natural rhythms. Relax into that.

As far as experiences in my life go. I have had an incredible increase in synchronicity and my dreams became a more prominent part of my life.

I also had to face a lot of doubts and fears about this path. Is this my path? Is this what I should be spending my time on? Am I good enough?

And then again, I have fallen so deeply in love with life through this art that it is incredible. I love developing a relationship with the Greater Self through the faces of the Gods. 

To conclude this series I have made a talisman, an oil that contains myrrh incense, 100% silver shavings, and a moonstone.

Talisman of the Moon

I’ve made this at an astrological appropriate time using Christopher Warnocks Planetary Magic Program, and have let it mature unto the full moon. I missed my opportunity do do another ritual at the following full moon. Selene asked me to work with her again and use a black mirror. Something I will most surely do in the future.

I have also decided to focus purely on the PGM Initiation rituals and let go of Drawing Spirits into Crystals for now. At this moment in time, I am preparing to move into our new house with my beloved, am now moving between three houses, setting up my own business and looking for a part-time job. There is not much time left for prolonged fasting or even setting up a dedicated temple space that I feel that DSIC deserves. 

Planetary Initiations using Graceo-Egyptian Magick is flexible and I can practice it at every location. All I need is the book(s) and some essential oils. PGM also gives me a lovely daily practice of which I will talk more in another post.